John & Pat – CTC

Vietnam Norheast Cycling Holidays Group 20people
1. Food and restaurants were much better this time.
2. Tuyen, Kiem, Tang and the drivers were excellent. The all played a large part in the making the tour a success. Tuyen and Kiem were great on the road, Tang produced really good lunches and the drivers were very helpful and cheerful. They all seemed to enjoy being with the group.
3. One final observation, the evening before our ride from Ba Be, Tuyen said the road we used on our first tour was impassable and we had to re-route and, as you know, this resulted in you having to re-organise our accommodation. Obviously, this road had been a problem for some time and it would have been very helpful if we had been aware of it earlier so that changes could be made in advance. The alternative route was very good and we would plan to run the start of the tour the same way next time. We had a similar late change to our plans getting to Bac Ha.
Best wishes John & pat Tour Organiser
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